• State of the Art Technology

    Learn how OceanWiFi uses the airwaves to transmit ultra-high speed data and video, enabling HD streaming, Netflix, Hulu, Live TV and much more!

Ultra Fast Wireless Internet NOW in your neighborhood
Think you have no alternative to cable - dsl ?
Tired of the usual hassles - bundles - contracts ?
Get LOCAL service from a locally owned WISP
Guaranteed speeds at LESS cost
OceanWiFi has teamed up with Ubiquiti, the world's fastest growing network, to bring you high-speed Internet that is an affordable, accessible alternative to TimeWarner or AT&T.
 Choosing OceanWiFi means you will receive:
More bandwidth - meaning faster, more powerful internet for the money
Personalized one-on-one support
No hidden fees or contracts
No credit checks
*Customized IT services available

 We understand you, your business and family depends on it.  Call  858-777-1956 today and have an installer at your premisis within 48 hrs .

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