Q: Does Ocean WiFi require a contract?
A: NO, unlike the telco's we do not tie you into a contract, nor do we have any hidden activation, startup, usage or early termination fees. We do not price separate services based on package deal pricing suggesting misleading discounts, e.g. AT@T offers $21.95/month internet if you buy $100.00 package (phone, TV and internet).
Q: What technology is Ocean WiFi using to deliver Ultra High speed wireless Internet?
A: Ocean WiFi uses a proprietary 802.11n MIMO Wireless technology. This service enables speeds as fast or faster than most DSL or Cable service for access to the Internet. Utilizing a high powered antenna mounted on the roof of your home, Ocean WiFi transmits high speed internet over the airwaves. We offer you faster speeds, and better value than cable or DSL.
Q: Is WiFi Secure?
A: The absolute latest encrypted wireless transmission is utilized between our towers and the end-user.
Q: Can I connect more than one computer to Ocean WiFi?
A: Yes. You will need a router (available to purchase from OceanWiFi if you don't have one on premesis) to connect more than one computer. You will need a Laptop or computer (PC or Mac) with a network card, and clear line of site to one of our towers (from antenna). A simple site survey will be performed within 2 business days to determine if you are eligible for Ocean WiFi Service. In some instances, if you have strong signal from our tower, you may not need an antenna installed.
Q: What is expected of me on installation day?
A: Someone will need to be present during the install. Installation takes approximately 2.5 hours. Payment for installation is expected  (unless stated otherwise in agreement installation is free for one computer) once it is complete along with a pro-rated amount from the time of installation to the end of the month.
Q: Why choose Ocean WiFi over DSL or Cable?
A: Ocean WiFi is faster than DSL in most instances. We truly care about our customers, and will do anything in our power to keep our customers happy. Our 24 hour response times are better than any DSL or cable company in our market.
Q: Does your service require an active phone line?
A: No phone line is needed to connect. Only good line of site to one of our base antennas.
Q: How large is the antenna that Ocean WiFi will put on my roof?
A: If your home, apt., or business is less than 2 miles away, we will typically use a lower gain antenna that is 3 inches by 9 inches. If more gain is necessary, we will then use a larger antenna that is 15 inches by 12 inches. Both antennas are very asthetically pleasing, discrete and are much smaller than a satellite dish

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