About Us

OceanWiFi is a High Speed Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) located in San Diego. We currently have network presence throughout the beach areas. Check our coverage maps page to see if you are within our wireless foot print. If it doesn’t seem that you are covered by us, give us a call we are always adding network resources that enhance our coverage.
Our founders felt the need for a WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider) in the areas served by our company to bring low latent quality high speed broadband internet allowing users to have the  option to choose an Internet Provider other than the standard telco and cable co. In early 2009 we started designing our network topology to achieve this goal. After very careful network planning we started deploying network/antenna equipment locally. We have since deployed numerous sites in the coastal areas to best service homes and enterprises seeking quality connectivity with excellent latency and up-time where other providers come up short or do not exist.

OceanWiFi is a locally owned WISP. Support your local businesses and call us today to check network availability then schedule your free site survey.
Call: 858.777.1956

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